MENU Shropshire Charity Concerts Incorporating Shrewsbury School Community Choir


We are a non-auditioning choir for most concerts;  in lieu of formal audition, new members are looked after by an experienced singer during their first 3 weeks who will also appraise and advise them on their voice. This appraisal may be waived for new members with a current record of choral singing at an appropriate level. All full members are also eligible to sing in special events (eg. the English Haydn Festival) by invitation or audition.

Subscriptions become due immediately upon confirmation of membership after this initial period, at a rate determined by the time of joining.

The best time for new members to join us is either at the start of September or the start of January each year, when the main rehearsal sequences start for the next concert(s).

New members who join with fewer than two-thirds of all rehearsals remaining for a particular concert are welcome to continue to rehearse with us but, like existing members, would be unable to perform in that particular concert.

All formalities are set out in the Choir Charter, summarised below:


Choir Membership Annual Subscription is currently £70, payable either singly or in two equal instalments. Gift Aid is reclaimed on all subscriptions from members paying income tax.

Requests for reduced payment due to particular personal circumstances will be considered, sympathetically and in confidence.


Members of the Choir are expected to :-

  • Be attentive during rehearsals, listen, learn quickly, blend in and prepare between rehearsals, using  rehearsal aids such as recorded sources;
  • Be well-rehearsed for concert performances, attend at least two-thirds of all rehearsals and at least one final rehearsal, for any one concert;
  • Sign in for every rehearsal attended and notify their voice rep if unable to attend any rehearsal or perform in a concert. (Not simply as a courtesy but practically, for setting up staging and seating for concerts);
  • Bring a soft pencil to rehearsals and mark up performance notes;
  • Return any hired score promptly to the librarian after a concert (any non-returned or damaged copies will be charged);
  • Support the Choir and its concerts by :
    • selling tickets for, and helping to publicise, our concerts
    • attending our social events, and any concerts not sung in
    • help to prepare and clear concert venues
    • share in other informal tasks, such as staffing refreshment stalls at rehearsals and concerts

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