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Shrewsbury School Community Choir
Registered Charity 1128247

Rehearsals & Admin Matters

We rehearse on Monday evenings in either the Maidment Building or, occasionally, the Alington Hall, both within the grounds of Shrewsbury School.

Rehearsals (except for Ahoy) start at 7.15 pm and finish at 9.30 pm, with a short coffee break at around 8.30 pm; additional rehearsals are held in the run up to a concert. New members are always welcome; please use the 'Contact Us' proforma via the above tab.

The Maidment Building, Shrewsbury School's Music Department
(parking by Kingsland Hall or west end of Ashton Road)

    The Alington Hall (parking (tidily, please!) on adjacent roads)

Page updated on Saturday, 24 January 2015


Choir Subscription Payments - New Arrangements
Following the AGM on Monday 29 September 2014 it was resolved to implement a new system of paying choir subscriptions and for score hire/purchase.  Please click here for further information.






Rehearsals - 2015

Rehearsals for Ahoy! continue as follows:

Mon 26 Jan - 7.30 pm (MB)
Mon 2 Feb - 7.30 pm (AH)
Fri 6 Feb - 7.30 pm (AH)
Sun 8 Feb - 3 pm (AH)

 ... until its performance at 7 pm on Sunday 8 February.

Dress - blue and white stripes (TBC)


We start rehearsing Haydn's The Seasons (Saturday 6 June - chorus size - 50) and Beethoven's  Choral Symphony (Saturday 20 June - chorus size - 80) on Monday 23 February at 7.15 pm. NB - The English Haydn Festival require us to sing all 4 movements of the former. 

For singers opting out of any particular concert, please support these events either with your presence or by selling tickets and publicising the concerts; this is central to maintaining our collective activities and our excellent reputation!


Many choir members will have obtained Music Dynamics Choraline (see Links) rehearsal CDs/downloadable MP3 files, and now their brand new three-step learning method for practising at home. To get a choir discount enter SCC in the appropriate box on the order form.
Cyberbass is an American alternative which provides, via its web site, rehearsal CDs, by voice part, and, more conveniently perhaps, a free on-line service for major choral works (but not many English!).  Choraline and Cyberbass each have their merits.  While Choraline CDs/MP3 tracks give you helpful voice cues for each entry, Cyberbass (best accessed via Internet Explorer) allows you to adjust the tempo so you can rehearse at a lower speed if you need to, which is quite useful.  See Links page to find out more. You can also listen to most works by downloading Spotify (around 5 per month subscription) and, of course, there's always YouTube.